How to overcome your post youth services financial challenges

How to overcome your  post youth services  financial challenges
 Post college days use to be  cumbersome to most graduate, as life after school is completely different from the university or college days, most of the graduate finds it difficult to cope with their post campus day as their experience is completely different . While in your undergraduate days, you are free to ask  your parent for all your needs ranging from your school fees to pocket money,  but things tend to change as you are out of the university, things  change to  worst as you finish your youth service .
  Your family and people around you start to expect  something from you,  you may not be   free to demand money from your aunties  and uncles as they will begin to see you  as a  mere liability against when in your undergraduate days .
 Looking at the challenges above I decide to share with my fellow youth service corps and other undergraduate in their final year of study some secrets that I believe in and do hope that any graduate will find it  convincing.
 Blogging may be the solution to the above challenges, yes blogging , but how? To those that do not  know blogging, it is the creation of an online personal journal, bloggers will update this journal from time to time with relevant content that will keep readers coming back.   I don’t need to convince you that blogging will be a good solution but will just refer you to the story of Linda Ikeji,  a Nigerian lady that is making more than $3 million  about N700,000 0000,  seven hundred million naira only,   per year  in blogging alone.
Here is my blogging plan to each and every graduate, undergraduate and those already in their service year with no more night classes and jerking I hope every graduate should be able to do it. This plan depend on your internet access, your income, where you serve (NYSC) and what level of computer experience you got.
·         Category one: for those who are already blogging, I will suggest that you pick a profitable niche or still stick to your already established niche, but should change or improve your blogging approach,  I will suggest you create at least 3-5 post per day, targeting a particular niche , avoid copy pasting  and create your original  evergreen content.
·         Category two:  if you are not already blogging but have a reliable internet access, I wll suggest that you start it from today, go to or to  get free blog domain. Pick a niche and start to write grammatically correct articles of at least 4-5 hundred words . Write at least a blog a day and stick to this till  to the end of your service year you will thank me later.
·         Category three: for those that lack reliable access to internet, either due to financial or the part of the country they are serving put still have their laptop, I will recommend you also pick a niche, create you article and save them in folders, you should be able to  create an article every day , what I know you can get access to the internet one day to upload all your content
·         Category four: to those that lack access to computer, you should be able to blog also, how? I will suggest you buy an exercise book and write, pick a niche/area and start blogging , what I know is that one day you will get access to computer to typewrite your contents and internet to upload your contents.
What I know, from whatever category you fall into, at the end of  your service year you should be having around five hundred to one thousand well written , original organic content of your own.  With this you can create a very profitable blog that can compete favorably online, generating a lot of money for you.


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