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2015 general elections has being conducted and won, the PDP has being thrown out of office at the national and many states levels,new party,all progressive congress has set inand a new government is formed. but there are many politicians that are paramount in the former government , peoples that are major stakeholders and major officeholdersthrough the sixteen years of PDP misrule that are still participating actively in this now government. below are some of tem

·Mr. Rotimi amaechi: He is a key PDP figure before he decamp to APC, Mr. Rotimi Amaechiwas the governor of oil rich river state, the chairmanof NGF, the Nigerian governorsforum and a prospective anointed pdp presidential flagbearerif not for the stubbornness of GEJ.
why we need politicians as ministers · Alhaji Atiku Abubakar: Before he joins apc, he is a pdp co-founder , a member of G34,A VICE PRESIDENTfor 8 years under PDP. A PROSPECTIVE pdp presisidentialflagbearer if not for his grievance with his former boss, chief obasa…

PHOTO of Aisha Buhari And Mrs.Patience jonathan


A One Year Blogging Plan That Works

Blogging may be the solution to your financial challenges, yes blogging, but how? To those that do not know blogging, it is the creation of an online personal journal; bloggers will update this journal from time to time with relevant content that will keep readers coming back.I don’t need to convince you that blogging will be a good solution but will just refer you to the story of Linda Ikeji,a Nigerian lady that is making more than $3 millionabout N700,000 0000,seven hundred million naira only,per yearin blogging alone. Here is my blogging plan to each and every blogger, aspiring blogger and any other netpreneur that wish to make money in the blogosphere, this plan is for serious bloggers, it need time and patience. this blogging plan is design for one complete year, it depend on your internet access, your income, where you live and what level of computer experience you got. see challenges facing nigerian bloggers ·Category one: for those who are already blogging, I will suggest that…

How to overcome your post youth services financial challenges

How to overcome yourpost youth services financial challenges Post college days use to be cumbersome to most graduate, as life after school is completely different from the university or college days, most of the graduate finds it difficult to cope with their post campus day as their experience is completely different . While in your undergraduate days, you are free to askyour parent for all your needs ranging from your school fees to pocket money,but things tend to change as you are out of the university, things change to worst as you finish your youth service . Your family and people around you start to expectsomething from you,you may not be free to demand money from your auntiesand uncles as they will begin to see youas amere liability against when in your undergraduate days . Looking at the challenges above I decide to share with my fellow youth service corps and other undergraduate in their final year of study some secrets that I believe in and do hope that any graduate will find…

WONDERFUL, solar water heater by uimaid sudent,Constructed Solar Water Heater By A University Of Maiduguri Final Year Student.

AUNIMAID final year student , Muhammad jaafar from the department of physics has constructed a solar water heater,a water heater utilizing the sunlight to produce a hot water for domestic hot water demand. the solar water constructed from a locally available materials to minimize cost , made for simplicity of installation, reduce electricity bill and durabilityto meet domestic hot water demand.
according to him , the solar water heater can heat water up to 70°C which sufficient for domestic water demand ; in his word “A solar water heating system for domestic use has been designed and constructed using locally available materials. Solar energy is received by a flat-plate collector consisting of a thin absorber plate, integrated with grids of fluid carrying tubes, and placed in an insulated casing with a transparent glass cover having a water tank integrated in the system. The radiation emitted by the absorber plate cannot escape through the glass, thus increasing its temperature. On th…

Your brand is a king in adword pay per click marketing

A trademark brand is like a rich content in blogging,in pay per click campaign, also known as ppc marketing your brand is the king, though other factors like the way you write your campaign headline,your description etc. Also play a role in promoting your ads over adword channels but what actually trigger your click through rate and conversion rate is your brand, what and logo . What i mean here is the trustand reputation you have in an online community . I testmy adword account with two form of a a domain . The fist one is linking directly tothe parent website , displayingeverything, i used the company original url/ domain name as my display url. Though to me , i didn’t knowit is a violation oftheir affiliate program policy and a trade mark breach. Therefore i started receiving large volume of click s and my click through rate was increasing every day. Conversion was also very good, because i was making at least on average $50 per day before i was stopped.see increasing your ctr wit…

Challenges facing Nigerian bloggers

Apart from the general challenges that a common blogger will face in the blogosphere, Nigerians have their usual challenges that they must facein blogging,issues like creating a profitable blog niche, choosing a blogging topic to build your articles around, choosing an ideal domain name , brands awareness, traffic generation ,search engine optimization challenges among others,Nigerian bloggers have apeculiar challenges they must face , of whicheach and everynew bloggershould know: ·Lack of electricity: this may sound somehow, but believe me. This is a serious problem, lack of power to recharge your laptop is one of the problem that a typical Nigerian bloggers are facing, no one will tell you this until when you delve into world of blogging, any experienced blogger knows this, you will observe that blogging need your time as a starter, at least 8 hours a day , then tell me where will you see light to recharge your laptop andblog like your counterpart in other part of the world. ·Lack of …