6 countries rejected her asylum request- Msr. Alisom Madueke

According to a report gathered by sahara reporter,  about six  countries has rejected the asylum request by the Nigerian petroleum minister Mrs.  Diezani Alison madueke based on the monthly report release by   business council for Africa, BCA ,  the report continues that from the latest estimate , the total amount of money looted from the Nigerian public treasury  is about  $1 trillion, this is just for the period between 1960 to 2005 alone.
   The report  made on march 2015 says that ‘’ six countries has already refuse to give her an asylum, as she wishes to leave Nigeria as soon as possible’’  Mrs. madueke who is involve  in a multiple corruption scandal during present the administration may face heavy corruption charges  anytime  a new government is  constituted.
 General Buhari who is now the Nigerian president-elect  promises to send corrupt government official to prison, as buhari is known to be  straight forward and man of his words, this terrify many corrupt  public officials  who have hand in mismanaging the countries resources.
 It is gathered that the Gej administration has spend a lots of money in their re-election bids , distributing money to elder statesmen, religious bodies and organization which  is intend  to woo the vote of the masses.
  Gej administration is believed to be the most corrupt in the Nigerian history, government officials sees stealing of public funds every day business,  it could be recalled that in a presidential media chat,  Mr Jonathan has claimed ‘’mere stealing is not a corruption’’. This statement has angered not only the Nigerian populace but even the elite.
 Gej  led government has witness several corruption  scams  such as oil subsidy  scam, sure-P scam,  emigration scam,  pension scam etc.
 It is quite evident that the new government will not left any  of the above  corruption scandals and the proprietors   will face the full wrath of the law.


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