Deadly Disease Hits Irele Area Of Ondo State, Turning People Blind And Has Killed 25

 25 people died from a new disease identified in irele area of ondo state Nigeria,     report  coming from irele township  in ondo state according to channels TV, has confirmed the dead of not fewer than 25 people , the disease whose name is steal not known has  symptoms as headache and blindness followed by death in a few hours.
 According to ondo state commissioner of health, the symptoms of the  disease is  headache and loss of sight and  that local  health authority in the area  and international health institution are working together to  investigate the  cause of the disease and to find  an  effective ways of curbing the disease.  In an effort to wave away fear from the resident of the area, the health commissioner, Mr.  Adeyanju claim that the situation is under control.


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