How To Use Alexa Ranking To Boost Your Web Traffics

 Alexa ranking is the ranking of website by   alexa .com,  a ranking by the statistics of visitors to  a website,   alexa rank website by the number of  unique visit  to any website that install the alexa toolbar. on alexa, a visit is different from a pageview, a pageview means the frequency at which  a page is reloaded, one visitor may navigate through the internal link or other pages of website several times and count each time a webpage reload as pageview, whereas a unique visit means no matter how many times a visitor, visit a website it is counted as a single visit.
 Alexa use simple algorithm to calculate the frequency of people web traffics to public domain.  The pagerank is based on alexa toolbar installed on website by its user and it track website visitor to how to choose best seo company
 There are two parameters used by alexa to rank website that is reach and pageviews. The reach means the amount of website visitors who visit a particular site in a day and pageview is the number of time a given website is viewed.
 Alexa based its website ranking by calculating the reach and the pageviews of each url on daily basis. And the ranking is obtained by performing the geometric mean for the reach and pageviews and the average is taken for at least a period of three month, before alexa can track the pageviews and reach after when a user installed  it’s toolbar on his/her web browser.
 Before a user can used alexa ranking, he/she has to go to to download and install the alexa toolbar on his browser, the toolbar is mainly to display web traffics but could also releases other search related site visited by the web surfer with their web traffics.
 The toolbar also send data to the central after displaying other search related website visited by the user in the past, it also detect the IP address and webpage you are visiting.
 Alexa ranking may be low, but any position above the top 100, 000 is good because it indicate that that the website is receiving remarkable web traffics.
 Alexa ranking tool can be used as a tool to compare the online performance of your website with that of your competitors. By checking the position f your competitors’ website and yours and comparing the result, you get a blueprint of your marketing effort.
The alexa ranking is unlike the Google pagerank, the lower the value the better. Alexa pagerank shows to webmasters and advertisers the greater marketing potential on your website, the better the rank, the more they will be willing to buy advertising positions on your website. Alexa also consider personal blogs and website and rank them the same. It also aid search engine optimization.
 Despite al the values that it add to website, it is a poor tool to rank website, as there are many website without the alexa tool that are receiving thousands of visitors but their users do not have the alexa tool installed on their computer, therefore it  cannot compare the  actual web traffics.
  To boost your own alexa rank, you can download and install the toolbar on your website and when a visitor clicks on it count.


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