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Ramadan the  month of the holy Qur’an ,  the month in twich the first revelation of the  Quran is made,  it is in Ramadan that  the whole qur’an was descended to the   sama’udduniyah,  this is why it is term  shahruL-Qur’an – meaning the month of the Qur’an.
 The Qur’an say’’( it is) the month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was revealed  as a guidance for mankind,  clear proofs giving guidance, and the criterion  ( for distinguishing right and wrong)  so who ever of you witness this month, let him fast it {Qur’an , 2: 185}
 There is no doubt that the month of ramadan is the month of qur’an ,  the prophet the sahabah as well as the salaf  use to recite the qur’an durinte month of Ramadan, it is reported in  that  the  prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him) in one of the tradition  ‘’  the prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him)  was the most generous person and  he would be the most generous in the month of Ramadan because Jibril  would come to him every night  and would study the qur’an with him, truly when  Allah’s messenger (( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him)  would meet Angel JIBRIL , He would be more generous than the fleeting wind.{ agreed upon }
it was also reported by Fatimah[ may Allah be pleased on her]  was quoted saying the prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him) told her in the last year of his life that  Jibril use to recite the complete Qur’an with me every  year one , but this year he  did twice, I do not suspect but my time has come and you shall be the first of my household to join me.
  It is clear from the above traditions that the prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him)  use to recite  the  Qur’an more often and also even Angel Jibril  use  to   recite the Quran with the  prophet in the month of Ramadan, this is signifying that reading and reciting the holy Qur’an in the month of Ramadan is of great importance and a good act of ibadat, every muslims is enjoined to recite the copy ot the Qur’an at least twice in this precious month of Ramadan,
 It is a popular Hadith of the prophet (( peace and blessings of Allah  be upon him)
) that  when a Muslim read  a single consonant of the  of the holy qur’an he has has 10 reward, , the prophet further describe that he did not mean a  word but an alphabet like  ALIF, LA, MIM,  e said  ALIF 10 reward, LA  10 rewards and  MIM 10 rewards.
 The sahabah also used to recite the holy qur’an in complete several times in the month of Ramadan,  . Uthman BIN Affan( may Allah be pleased on him) use to  recite the complete qur’an in  a single Raka’at in the night in Ramadan . also the khalifah  Walid bn Abdl Malik used to recite the complete Qur’an  in every three days and seventeen times in every Ramadan.
 therefore it is enjoin to every muslims to  read and recite the Holy QUR’AN SEVERAL times  during and after the month of Ramadan


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