How to sale domain name using trafffup

How to sale domain name using trafffup

Traffup  is a traffic exchange  website or at least something more than that, it  has a section for  for posting a tweet and retweeting  other peoples’ tweet.
 Traffup members can link their twitter account  and whenever they created a post on traffup it appears on their twitter timeline for their followers to see . When this tweet is retweeted they will appear in the timeline of those members who retweeted the post. How does the network goes?  Traffic members assign point to their tweet post when they are creating them; users earn these points after they retweeted this post to their twitter followers.  
 A traffup member can retweet up to 50 tweets in an hour and  can do this four time in a day, adding up to 200 retweets per each traffup member in 24 hours. This is why traffup can display a message to millions of twitter users in a short time.  
  To sell a domain name using traffup is a something very simple, first of all i use flippa as my domain auction site, i created a domain sale page for each of my domain name , for example, click here to see for The next thing i do, is o create a post on traffup to something like, “ pick this domain for your website,” “buy, a short, memorable , and easy to type domain name” etc
I will create the post and put the domain name i intend to sale in the post, a potential buyers that clicks the post will see the domain name sale page,  with the minimum offer and buy it now price  , asking him/her to make an offer, other domains in my portofolio are also displayed  .
With 150 to 200 retweets from traffup, I get an interested buyer and the rest is negotiation ,payment and transfer of domain name.


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