Kenyan Tourist Attraction- what to seee in kenya

 Kenya is a state in east Africa, it is one of the hubs of tourism, and it is leading tourist destination in Africa,
 it has  several tourist attraction ranging  from  wild life park, cultural heritage , archeological  records,  beaches and  geographical landmasses .   Tourism is the second source of foreign exchange in Kenya after agriculture. 
The mosques of Mombasa, the photo safari through the 19 national park, the Great Rift Valley, the viewing of the world 2nd tallest mountain; the mountain Kilimanjaro, the famous coffee plantation at thika and its numerous beaches along the Indian Ocean are among the top Kenyan tourist attractions.
·         the Kenyan national park:  they are one of the top tourist attraction in Kenya, they have many species of wild animals, you need to see, the massai national park also known as amboseli national park located at the kajiado district rift valley region, the area dominated by the masai people, growing in population due to the improved means of from tourism development. Kora national park is also a leading tourist destination in Kenya, located in Kenyan coast province. 
    The Mount Kenya national park; established n 1949 located around the Mount Kenya.  It is made into UNESCO world heritage site in 1997.
 Nairobi national park, located in Nairobi 4 km away from city centre, I has large and varied wild life population, and it is separated by a fence in a fence from the city. It has migrating herbivores in the dry season, it is best rhinoceros sanctuanary.
·          The Great Rift Valley:  it runs from  north to south  of Nairobi, the floor is broken by volcanoes, some still active,  it has series of lakes , they boarded by escarpment, it has several lakes like lake turkana, logibi, baringo, nakuru,elmanteita, naivasha etc.
·         Fort Jesus Mombasa: a standing historical site historical record of 16th century, built by Giovanni Battista   Cairati   for protection against external invasion.
·         Lamu old town:  it is an exclusive tropical island and historical Swahili settlement. It is a center for Islamic and Swahili culture for educational purposes.
Other tourist attractions are the Mount Kenya natural forest, Kenya lake system, sacred mijikenda kaya forest. see places to visit in Dubai

 Mount Kilimanjaro : the mount Kilimanjaro the 2nd largest mountain in the world after mount Everest , located  in Tanzania can be viewed from Kenya across the border,  it has three  volcanic cones; kibo, mawenzi and shira, it is 5.8 kilometer above the sea level. It is one of the tourist attractions in Kenya. there are seven official route  for trekking Kilimanjaro for ascending and descending , the lemosho, machame,  marangu, mweka,  rongai, shira and umbwe routes, the ronga is the most easiest route followed by  marangu but they are much busy than the  other route,  climbers need to be  properly equipped and physically capable , they should undergo research before attempting to climb it. There are challenges like shortage of breath, hypothermia and headaches. Other challenges are that rock slides may fall and killed trekkers,  trekkers may fall on  steeps  and got killed etc  other feature  of Kilimanjaro are the unique vegetation, ice, etc. see places to visit in singapore

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