A Domain Sale Page Or Parking Services?

 A domain sale page or parking services?
 A domain sale page is a feature integrated by some domain auction site; it is aimed at targeting a potential buyer who might land on the domain name.
 A domain sale page feature vary from one auction site to another but a typical one  contain an information about the domain name,  the keyword it  is targeting a, the  minimum offer the seller is ready to accept, a buy it now price and an instruction on how the transaction will be processed.  For example xboiz.com
 A parked domain is a monetized domain, a domain that display advert to a visitors that visit it, the domain owner earned some revenue based on a pay per click feature, when visitors land on a  parked domain and clicks on the adds, the domain owner is paid.  For example shavingpowders.com
 A domain sale page help to generate quick sales , as flippa.com, made in their report that domain sale via classified portofolio listing has increased by 40% probably due to their new domain sale page . Therefore if your aim is to ale your domain name as soon as possible then you go for the sale page and forget about the parking revenue but if you wish to hold it for some time, then you go for the parking services. One interesting that some auction site can integrate both, but I will recommend that you go for the above options if you really want to sell your domain names in time.
One thing with this parking providers is that they will  not allow you to advertise your domain, this will minimize your sale potential and therefore if you are really interested in selling in time you should add the sale page and forget about the domain parkers that will only tolerate type in traffic which traditionally low.

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