Do Churches Need Mansions And Private Jet Before They Can Preach The Gospel?

 So churches have up to this savings and wealth in millions of dollars   while most of the members live in abject poverty, they should preach to themselves before preaching others!  Yes charity begins at home.
 Why Nigerians are so heartless, ungodly and so insensitive to the plight of the masses, if not why would a church need a mansion or a private jet before it can preach the gospel of god, are they worshipping money or the lord? A question needs to be answered here. Why the money won’t be invested into the lives of fellow Nigerians
  Did they forget the proverb that says that an idle man is a devils workshop or “a hungry man is an angry man, if they really want to change people they should start by changing their living condition.
 Most causes of sin in our society are poverty, joblessness and unemployment. Most people steal, rape, become armed robbers and kidnappers because of poverty, people go into prostitution, yahoo yahoo (internet fraud), and militancy because of poverty. Guys fornicate because they are jobless and cannot marry, women commit adultery to feed their family all because of poverty. Men rape their daughters all in the name of rituals o make money.
 If they really want to evangelize this people, they should start by feeding them, it is not enough to build a school that a poor man cannot afford, to built a hospital that a poor sick man cannot afford, to built a comfortable and beautiful churches that people go and come back on empty stomach or is it to buy an aircraft that the poor cannot afford?. This is not evangelism and will never touch the lives of the common man.
 It is not only rich oyimbo people like bill gates and his likes that should be building poverty or charity foundations but churches that take money directly from the people; this is why the white says we are hypocrite with religion


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