domaining is the act of selling domain names to  make money online,  the process of finding valuable , premium or simple a liquid domain names and flipping it to the end user is called domaining, the parties involved are called domainers , the product or commodity involved are called domain names. Then what is domain name, a domain name is the addresses we entered in our address bar to access a website.  The letters or words followed by .com, .net, .org etc we type to access online content are the domain names. E.g.,,, etc,
 Is there money in domain name business? Yes there is money in domain name flipping, in fact it has the highest return on investment ( ROI) , most domain names are  picked ( registered) below $10  , except  for premium ones that has already being taken by the domain registrar.  This domain names that are bought below then dollars or much less but are sold in thousands or millions in the future. If you doubt this check domain sale news domain name journal  for weekly transaction report. Also check the world record for top best traded domain names with topping the list with $35.6 million followed by at $35 million, $18 million and at $ 16 million etc
How do you make money with domain names?  To make money with domain names is something easy!  You start by picking a domain names, a liquid domain names; a one to six character domain names, a combination of letters or numbers with a .com extension simple.
  After picking your domain names you then list it on an auction site like flippa, bodis, sedo etc   set your price and wait for the lucky buyer.


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