Google Personalized Search Got Me Shocked!

  I type in some keywords into Google search and found my post on the first page of Google, in fact in the 2nd to third positions and I was really astonished. Does it mean that I rank top on I ask myself, surprisingly.
 I try several keywords and found most of my articles (shared post via Google+) in the top position of before I got my elf lost for joy I then tell myself, why don’t you logged out of your Gmail account  and repeat the search again. Unfortunately I was nowhere to be found on Google , I went from the first to the fifth page I couldn’t find any of my  post .
 I was shocked and said to myself what does this mean? I quickly ran a Google search using several keywords to find out what really happened; I finally came across the word Google personalized search. What is Google personalized searches?
 Google personalized searches occur when internet users search Google while locked into any of the Google product. This Google product could be Gmail, Google play, YouTube etc. When users are logged in to any of this product and conduct a search via, they will be served (in their search results) with content they are engaged with via this Google product.
 Blogs, post, images, videos, events and any other  updates from what they are engaged with via Google+, Google play, YouTube   will be served to them first before any other content. Post from who they added to their circle in Google plus, channels to which they subscribe to via YouTube will appear first in their search result on
 Also locations play an important role; post, websites and blogs from their location will be served to them, before any other content.
 Google implement this measure to ensue trust between its users and what they search online and also to reward marketers and artist that engage their fans via social media.
 So, after going through what is Google personalized searches I was relieved and knew that based on Google algorithm,  I have to work hard to appear on Google first page,


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