How To Generate At Least 3000 Clicks/Pageviews On Your Blogs Per Month

If I may ask you this question , what will come into your mind may be seo, not just seo but a serious search engine  optimization that may require some tech gurus , some may   think of paid search traffics or other expensive traffic generating ways, but  none of the above.
 What I have here for you is just content, yes just your blog content can generate to you this traffic, but the question here is how.
 First of all, you must have a time to blog, have several content at least 100 to 200 entries, I did not mean words but complete articles. You can pick a single niche or two; ensure that your article is informative and educative at same time. Write content that will engage your readers and update frequently to keep your readers coming.
 How does the traffic come in?  First of all you have to know that Google will only update your new blog after a period of six month, yes six month, Google want to ensure that what it is saving its users are genuine and useful and not just scams and fake services, you know scammers don’t stay long in the market, they rush to grab who they can grab and run away before they are exposed.  Any website or blog that is more than six month old has some credibility or relevancy. Therefore don’t expect traffics from Google immediately you create your blog, you have to wait for some time.
 With your 100 to 200 well written article, all titled  correctly, with a trending or popular keywords, 3000 unique visitors  per month shouldn’t be a problem to you.
Do the mathematics yourself, with 100-200 unique visitors each generating at least 1 or 2 pageviews per day in 30 days, it will be  per month.
 You see how it come out, this  is just an approximation, in real life the  number of  unique visitors will surpass this one,   especially when  users bookmark your blog, use the  word of mouth to spread your blog, share it via twitter, facebook, googleplus or post it in a forum or other social media site. It should be around 50, 000 pageviews.


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