How to Make Money Online

Making money online , netpreneurship, or internet business or home based business are all activities you can do to make money online. This could be legitimate or illegal but here , we will only discuss the legitimate means of making money online , ways that are genuine and simple to do.
The simple and legitimate ways of making money online are mostly home based opportunities , free and genuine; meaning you can do it at the comfort of your home. you need not to own a store or an office. they are free in the sense that you don’t spend anything to start and keep it running. they are simple meaning you don’t need skills or computer gimmicks to do and legitimate meaning they are allowed by law and you won’t be prosecuted and lastly they are genuine and not scams.
Article writing or blogging, affiliate marketing , domain name or website selling, bulksms business are some of the free home based business ideas you can use to earn a passive income online .
Article writing or blogging: is an essay writing on any topic of your choice . What you need to do is to sign up for a personal domain name from a server that can provide a platform for blogging like wordpress or blogger etc. pick a niche and start blogging on any topic of your choice. after that you can monetize it using google adsense , wordadds or any of your affiliate link.
Affiliate marketing : is the selling of other people product on your website or weblog for a percentage of the profit to be paid as commission ,some goods may have a flat rate on all goods or selected goods for example $50, $60 or $70 .these affiliate program can be pay per click or pay per actions depending on the advertiser choice . There are companies like LINKSHARE,AFFILIATE BOT etc that can link you with merchant and also ensure that your commission are paid
Domain name selling: this is the creating and keeping a domain name for sale, to start a domain name business you need to have an account with domain name hosting website like GODADDY.COM ,create your list of domain names, make sure you choose a good ones. register it for less than $10 ` and you can later sell it for more than $500, some domain name worth $500 000 or more.
Bulksms business: the idea of mobile marketing, newsletter, invitations are mostly done via by building a good bulksms business will let you earn some passive income.
All the above money making business are simple, free, genuine, investment free ,legitimate and are home based opportunities, by taking advantage of any of the above you can build a solid stream of income. see details on how to make money


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