keyboarding and typing techniques

Keyboarding could be defined as the act of entering data into the computer by the means of designation of computer keys. Keyboarding knowledge help once to handle every day work and activities effectively.
A computer can be defined as an electronic device use for accepting, processing, storing and retrieval of information in a prescribed manner.
Computer is of various type and capacity when classified according to their size and capability, we have four mains categories as follows:
Microcomputers: these are small computer that are suitable for single user application, these are popularly known as (personal computer) many offices, school, individual use micro computer.
Minicomputer: these are more powerful computer used by big firms and a company to carry out varies offices and departmental works in the organization. Minicomputers are suitable for multi-user application because they can accommodate hundred of users at the same time e.g. Bank, the entire individual computers are logged on to a Minicomputer which serve all the others terminal.
Mainframe computer: these types are bigger and more powerful than minicomputer; they are used by large organization for the processing of data more than the minicomputer.
Super computers: these are the biggest and most powerful of all computers, they are extremely faster; they are capable of processing hundred million of instruction per second because they are very expensive and therefore on very large organization can find them big institution.
When something is said to be a system means that, it has many distinct component that work together to achieve a pleasured presentation, the computer system is divided in to two (2) main components namely: hard ware and software.
A. the hardware: these are the physical component of the computer which can be seemed, touch and moved around from one place to another. The hardware consists of the following:
I. the Monitor
ii. The central processing unit (CPU)
iii. The keyboard
IV. The printer
v. the mouse
VI. Speaker.
B. The software: these are sets of instruction that toll the computer what to do in a given situation. They are programmers that direct computer on a step-by-step basic on how to execute a given command. Computer cannot operate without software.
Correct position at the keyboard enable user to type with greater speed and accuracy and less fatigues’:
1) sit erect
2) Adjust your chair so that your upper and loss back from a 90 angle lower back is support by the back of the chair.
3) Center your body opposite the J key. Keep your forearms horizontal to the keyboard.
4) Position the monitor so that the top of the s just below eye level.
5) Position your textbook or other copy on the side of the monitor as close to it as vertical or horizontal position tom minimize eye move and avoid neck pain.
6) keep your feet apart firmly braced
7) Keep your wrist straight and fingers on the home key, A S D F: L K J, are the basic home used in keyboarding.


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