pot belly or flat belly

Why do Nigerians appreciate pot bell

 Is pot belly a symbol of riches or healthy living or a fashion why are Nigerians so mad about pot belly. When there are health implications of overweight.
Unlike what is in the other part of the world especially the west, pot bellies are seen in Nigeria as a sign of wealthy and healthy living many sees it as a fashion and a display of splendor, no matter how rich or healthy you are, people seem to see you as incomplete if you are not pot bellied, so when did a pot belly become a sign of good living? In the medical point of view pot bellied individual have high risk of having high blood pressure, over weight otherwise known as obesity, laziness, diabetes and other health related complications. Then how does it become a sign of healthy living.
Is pot bellies not a sign of over eating or too much alcohol, out of which none is good for once health , please if I am wrong correct me. Then why the rush.
 In the western part of the world people are  busy reducing their body weight and maintaining a moderate body weight,  words like weight lose solution, weight lose pills, weight lose foods  and weight lose product are traded by big companies, goggle searches alone will tell you this, but in Nigeria the situation is different.
 People no longer want flat stomach, they see it as a sign of poverty and incompleteness,  while it is  the best in  real medical sense ,  thank god the era of pot bellied  federal government parastatals is gone  , even the military says no to pot belly but gallant soldiers . I hope Nigerians will reverse their thinking.


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