Scam alert- domainers take note; the so called TM infringement verification

  Nowadays domain names scammers are all over, anyone that have been awhile in the domain name flipping business might have come across them or heard about them,  but for the sake of new people in the domain  business I am going  expose them and the tricks they use to  take away money from domainers.
 Domain name scammers are internet fraudsters, they use deceptive tactics and tricks to deceive domain name owners, and how did they do it?
 They first carry out a whois check up to access the email contact of domain owners, they then email them, claiming that they work for a hosting company, they will claim that they are interest in buying your domain name for their client. And that the client is ready to offer you a good price. If you are moved by this offer and reply them the email, the next they will tell you that the client is an investor from Europe or Asia and is ready for offer you something within the range of $20,000 t0 $50,000.
 They must ask you one of the following questions:
·         Are you still interested in selling?
·         Are you a beginner or an experienced seller?
·         Do you have a certificate? My client needs this for accounting purposes.
·         . Do you have more domains for sale? Can you send a list?

This is where they play their game,  if  you are moved by the offer they make , they will tell you  that their client will not accept the certificate from any other automated services  but will only accept certificate that fulfill the following criteria.
·         Independent valuation of the market price
·         Trademark infringement verification.
 They will tell you the procedure to follow and also send you to a forum that they (the scammers) own or are active there and have polluted it with the fake idea.
 The next thing they will send to you a link where you can get the certificate. What happens here is that they are the owner of this website, once you comply with them and order for the certificate, they will give you the certificate and disappear and you they will not buy the domain name anymore.
 I was about to be a victim, below is conservation that went between I and one of the scammers.
First message: 
I represent a businessman from Europe who is interested in I located your contact information in a domain name whois lookup and understand that you own the domain name.
Are you still interested in selling?
I work for a hosting company.
I help our clients to buy and sell domains. Do you have more domains for
sale? Can you send a list?
Are you a beginner or an experienced seller?
Best Regards,
James Stanley
Vice President
Investor Relations
Pony VPS Hosting
My replies
I have received your message and appreciate your interest in my domain
 The domain is already in auction at flippa, you can place your bid or buy at the [BUY IT NOW], CLICK If you are very much interested in it, you can reply with your price and I can see how I will help you get it.
Thank you
2nd message:
                The buyer is an investor from Norway.

He offers $15000.

Do you have a certificate? My client needs this for accounting purposes.

If you don't have it's not a problem. You can order it online.

Please note my client does not accept it from each and every source. Only manual services with TM infringement verification are accepted.

The certification must include the following:

1. Independent valuation of the market price. It will show your domain name is not overpriced. On the other hand if the valuation comes higher, he will increase the price accordingly. In the domain name industry, there are many appraisal tools that people use to estimate the value of a domain name. My client does not want to risk and doesn't accept services that use scripts. If you are unsure about some service feel free to ask me.

2. Trademark infringement verification. It proves your domain has no trademark problems. He would like this verification to be included in the appraisal report. It's not a problem because some companies include the TM verification for free.

I’m also interested in a good estimate of the market price because he pays me % on each sale.

You can read about certification agencies at (“Domain Broker” is my nickname).

The process is very easy:

1. Go to the certificate agency site and order a certificate. Just submit your domains and let them know you have a buyer with $XX,XXX offer. It will help you to get a better valuation.

2. Send it to me and we will start the sale process. As soon as he receives your certificate he will buy your domain via an escrow service. Any escrow service will be able to pay you via Paypal, Wire, Western Union or any other method you prefer.

He wants to ensure the safe delivery of the funds to you. Furthermore, since this is our first time conducting any business, I believe that using a third-party escrow service can provide a safe, well defined process.

If you are new to the certification process, I can help you with the step by step instructions.
my replies:
 i saw your message and misunderstood the entire process you want me to follow,
 my domain is already in auction with
 It has already been verified through the whois  and TX record by flippa before it was listed for auction.
 I even added a flippa sale page by editing it name server.
  When you order  for it , i will transfer it to you and you order whatever certificate you
 Thank you
3rd message:
 I suggest you not to argue with my buyer or we risk to lose this sale.
 Let's finish it as soon as possible until he is ready to send you the
He will pay you via Flippa is a service for amateurs.
 Professional investors buy via escrow services only.
Since you are new I can help you with step by step instructions how to
 obtain a certificate. Please go to Top Domain Sales Certification
Service Order Page <>
my replies
 sorry, i went to the  link you sent to me  but unfortunately my paypal balance
is zero and i cannot proceed with the transaction

therefore I advice every domainer to take note.

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