Secrets of Success.

Secrets of Success.
 I hardly come across any quotes, comment or post that categorically state the secrets  to success,  if I have to ask  anyone what is the secrets to success, I know the best answer I can find  will not pass this three viz;
·         patience
·         perseverance and
·         Hard work.
 This is the best answer, are they really the secret to success? On other hand if I ask what the secrets to failure are; is “trying to please everybody” or failing to plan.
according one common adage “failing to plan means planning to fail” by the time you fail to plan you automatically plan to fail, then my question here is that why won’t the secret of success be the direct opposite of the secret to failure, meaning if the secret to failure are “trying to impress everybody” and “failing to plan”   then the secrets to success should be;
·         failing to impress every body
·         Good planning or real dreaming.
 But how and why? by failing to impress everybody you climb the ladder for success, not that everybody you see is optimistic about you, some will support you while others will hate you, so by the time you decided to impress both party, you will keep on going up and coming down, one other thing is that God made us all unique like our fingerprints.
 secondly good planning, they say real people are those that dream and the dream comes true,  what is dreaming if not planning, the way you set up your goals putting your abilities at minds is the trigger that will shot you to the success land, the airplane that will fly to the promise land . Good planning is the key to success, then followed by the patience, perseverance and the hard work
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