the path of nigeria great leaders

If great leaders spend their nornal lifetime.
In our today's world , most great nations have great leaders one time in their history , but most often this great leaders didn't spend their complete lifetime.
Nigeria is not exceptional, we have great leaders like sir Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Murtala Muhammad among others. This are people that work selflessly, they lay the foundation of modern Ngeria ; they build social infrastructures, unite the people under them, stand for them and set a good step for a prosperous nation. This great leader served for short time but their impact are felt up to date. The Nigeria they left was opposite of what it is today. it was a  peaceful , united and prospering nation .
John kennedy of united state is not left out, an American leaders that initiate the policy of justice, equality and responsibility to all citizens and the world. The civil right act was pioneered by him. Most great nations have something to say about their great pass leaders. But most often this leaders were not allowed to complete their good work; they were assassinated and their mission is left unaccomplished. If this people spent their normal lifetime to what level would we have being to by now.


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