How To Generate Web traffics to Your Blog through Images Search

How To Generate Web traffics to Your Blog through Images
 Web traffics is crucial to any online business success, an internet business cannot succeed without a reliable traffics. The dream of every online marketer is to get the maximum number of visitors to his website.
  If you are not new in internet business , I know you must have come across, term like seo, search engine optimization,  email marketing, social book marking , guest blogging, blog directories and more, what are all this for? They for generating potential customers.   Therefore you see you cannot do business without web traffics. learn how to increase web traffics
 Have you ever consider web traffics through images/photos, did you remember Google image search?
Haven’t you ever downloaded a video or image and saw a URL streaming over it?
Web traffics through photos/image are the art of customizing photos/images with your business brand and making it searchable and available to image searches.   Image web traffics is all about formatting photos and image to represent your business brand, it must contain your business brand or contact information; blog/website URL.
 What you have to do is  to get photos that describe your business,  for example if you own a tourism blog , or website you can snap photos  of beautiful tourist attraction,   you edit the image and add your business brand, what you should avoid here is not to make the  your contact too explicit. Try to make your photo customizing less explicit, make sure it won’t will won’t cost any inconvenience to your audience.
 If you cannot snap you own photo/images, therefore many sources of free photos online that you can use to harvest free photos. All what you have to do is to add your brand and website/blog URL. Mind you I said free photos.
 How do you send these photos to people? All what you need to do here is to have a social media account like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc,  upload all this photos/images , people may download it, save it and send it to their friends via phone, computer etc, people can share it via twitter, facebook, Google+ etc. see how to increase web traffics on g+  
What do you think will happen if you upload a an image of say a beautiful creek in Kenya, a beautiful hotel in Japan, world oldest building, a ferocious snake I ever see  etc, people may download and decide to share it to other and when you have url there.
You may alternative, customize the image and upload them to your blog/website, internet image searches will find it, just ensure that you have done the necessary image seo, like adding keywords in the Alt, caption etc.


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