What You Need in Blogspot Website Creation

 What is the different between a website and a blog?    A website can offer an online service while blog is  can only give information, if you can  have a blog that  render other service online then  it automatically change to website,.
You may have been using blogger for years , you have good experience but may not know that you can create a beautiful website with this software, therefore saving a large money for you from any other third party  website design software. Ading meta tag on blogger
 How do you do that?  To  be a website means it must be able to offer services and not just for information.    Blogger is generally  made for blogging, most of its template and layout design are for blogs and not for website. But there is a way to create a website from blogger (blogspot), how do you do that?
 There are  various javascript tools , that you can add to your blogger blog, this tools will work and display result on your blog and will not take away visitor to other  website.
 You have pages at your disposal. You can create each page  to any particular page and  tools.  You add your javascripts tools on each page, . Visitors will click on this tools ,  do some task get result and go away. Is this not a website?
 All you need to do  is  to go your dashboard, locate the layout and add  the page  gadget, , next thing you will do here is to drag and drop the page gadget   and put it at the header position so that visitors can easily navigate it. On each page  explain the functionality of each tools.
 If you want a custom domain for the website is easy, just got o your blogger dashboard , settings, add a third party url, verify you domain owners and that’s all,. also ,  Turn your blog into business


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