How to write equation on blog, adding and embedding file on blogger

How to write equation on blog
 Creating a post with equation has being a difficult task to many  bloggers, a mathematical or scientific blog/ article will require some equation in one way or the other, ,but the blogger platform do not support equation. check creating website using blogger
Most of the time, if a blogger try to create a post and pasted some equations in it, it result to some meaningless images and this does not make any sense to the reader.
 Is there a solution to this? Yes google drive is the solution, google drive allow you to upload all your text file and also allow you to share your document publically. This is done in two ways, you either share it through a shareable link or embedded it on your website.
 To share  your upload text file/document which can include equation via a link or embedded on your blog or website, you have to do the following steps.
·         Go to, sign up with your gmail account or create a new one.
·          Click on new and then upload a file and wait for the document to upload completely.
·         Click on the uploaded document, then click on open to view it.
·         You will see a file, click n the file , then from the drop-down menu, you will see  publish to the web
·         Chose via embedded , then copy the html code and paste it on your edit or create post.
When you do the above step correctly you will see the exactly correctly displayed, all your equation, mathematical fractions, trig, integrals will be displayed correctly.
But before doing the above step you have to edit your sharing status from the google drive from private  to public  or anyone with link.
 Just go to the google drive menu, after you have clicked the upload document,  then click on the sharing  button and choose share to public  or anyone with link. check editing robot.txt file


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