Why You Must Invest Money If You Want To Succeed As Blogger

 As a bloggers it is not everything that you can do by yourself, it is just like every other business ,  there are so many task that are necessary and you ought to have done them, but due to lack expertise you  cannot accomplish them.
You cannot be a jack of all trade, they say is a master of known, a blogger is a content creator, you are  just to create content that interest your readers that’s all, though some minor seo are also necessary, but  to succeed as a blogger you need to devote your whole time to writing,, and any other task you want , then you seek the assistance of others or pay for it. 
It may sound somehow, but the reality is that time you will spend , the error and mistake you may  will make may harm your entire blogging business unknowingly for long time.  This is why in blogging you need a mentor, someone to put you through. And if you cannot get a free mentor then you have to hire others.
 One of the biggest mistakes that many new bloggers are making is that they lack a mentor and are not ready to spend. This is why you see everyday new blogs are made and dumped. This is why there are millions of blogs but only few thousands are successful.
To succeed as blogger, you should not rely on the free information you harvest online, most of them are just the basics, very few  will tell you exactly what they do, no one will reveal their marketing secrets , if you want you have to to buy it. This why companies like freelancer are growing every day.
In every profession there are dos and don’ts, when you do the don’t and leave the dos and no one to correct you, then you continue to be in mess.
 What i mean here as a new blogger, you only know how to write article, seo, link building, template design and customization are some of the necessary thing that you need to do to boost your blog. Your blog need search engine presence, people must be able to search for your  content, then what do you do when you  don’t know how to optimized your text and images for search engines , how do you make your blog communicate to search engines? 
 Template design customization, your blog layout, html etc all this are task that require expertise, how do you do them, or are you going to leave your blog without the above. This why seo and freelance companies  come t into play and what are the consequence when you do them in error?
Probably, you might start blogging from free blogging platform like blogger, wordpresss, you might want custom url, seo , blog design. Everything is make in default you have edit and work on them to get everything working properly.


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