Another Deadly Blow To PDP, Taraba Fall To APC, Jummai Alhassan The New Governor

Another Deadly Blow To PDP, Taraba Fall To APC, Jummai Alhassan The New Governor

another deadly blow to PDP, Taraba fall to APC, Jummai Alhassan the new governor

Senator  Aisha, Jummai Alhassan, now declared governor elect for taraba state after tribunal ruling. The tribunal disqualify the candidacy of Ishaqu darius  therefore automatically his votes are invalid and the other contestant senator Jummai is declared winner. See what some nigerians are saying
·         Mama taraba's victory should be a challenge to nigerian women. #getinvolved rt if you agree
·         Congratulations to @apcnigeria, nigerian women & mama taraba herself; justice has been served! Don't worry @pdpnigeria, its called nemesis!
·         B4 elections: yayy! Mama taraba after results: we don't want her anyway, she is corrupt.  After court ruling: yayy! Mama taraba
·         Today, tarabans have got what they deserve. Justice may have been delayed but it has finally come. Congratulations to mama taraba
·         Over the last 7 months, mama taraba has been a senator,  confirmed as min., now to be sworn as gov. For the past 7 months i've been a corper
·         You feel proud to be a nigerian when you know that justice is upheld. Congratulations mama taraba. More to come. Better days ahead!
·         The pdp candidate was not qualified to contest,  the 2nd runners up (mama taraba) automatically wins
·         Dear aisha, big congratulations on being declared the rightfully elected governor of taraba state. Tenacity is a virtue. #winner
·         Mama taraba will now have to choose which one she want do lol. Governor abi minister? Either way one fresh vacancy in abuja or jalingo.
·         So that is how our mama taraba, a minister designate, got back her stollen mandate as a governor? God is indeed very faithful.


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