see why you need best seo template for blogger

 One of the free blogging platforms is the blogger also known as the BlogSpot. It is at, it is a platform created by Google to fetch content for the giant search engine, . Blogger is a free blogging platform that comes with a simple user interface, easy to use and edit.  Is layout, template  page and post creating are handy even to new blogger but unfortunately it is not seo friendly, . What does this mean? Search engine like the giant Google, yahoo, baidu, sina, Bing etc cannot index and crawl its contents.
 The reasons are not far fetch from the fact that this blogger template are not optimized for search engines, this means that a blogger need to edit and customize the blogger template to make its seo friendly to search engines or look for some best seo template for blogger.
 You need to edit the robot.txt element, to add a Meta tag element such as title tag, description tag and keyword tag. You have to edit the template, add the search description feature and etc.  You need to add Google search console and lots more for your blog. The above is not simple as it appears, it requires a lot s of seo knowhow and a simple mistake may lead to a terrible result.
 Many bloggers have reported that by optimizing their blogger template and other blogger seo their blog search traffic has increased tremendously while others reported that they lost their Google ranking and position on Google search result as they try to edit their blog template. They lost traffics to their website and this has led to backwardness in their business.
 This is why blogger responsive templates are some of the  best seo template for blogger, they have good design, easy to use and most of the time is seo optimized and mobile friendly. they are ready made for seo.


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