how to get a job after graduation

How to get a job
After completing your higher education the next thing before you is how to secure a job, both nowadays because of the nature of the economy and large number of unemployed graduates looking for jobs always being a big deal to many job seekers. The days of graduating from university and securing an employment immediately has gone, if you are not well connected or already have a job at hand, you will most probably spend some time at home before your dream job will land. But there are ways or things you can do to hasten your employment and to make your job search a success.
·         Expose yourself to information: this can be online or via mass  media, newspaper and magazine advertorials,  as it is said information is power, try to get  any job vacancy advert, internet is here at your disposal you can Google search for jobs  or subscribe to several jobs newsletter,
·         Prepare your resume or curriculum vitae and cover letter: most jobs you will apply will require the above, therefore get them well documented and ready, and make them handy.
·         When applying an online job, read the job description thoroughly understands all what it require. Ensure that you qualify for the job before applying; try to complete the form with valuable information.
·         Edit your social media profile; all abusive, provocative and obscene images and comment should be removed.  Most professionals may ask for your social media profiles therefore always keep your social profile descent.  


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