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 As it is always said blogging is not a   get rich quick scheme, it need time, effort and above all patience.   you also need a role model(mentor)  to put you through.
linda ikeji started blogging since in 2006, with, or earlier than this,  from 2006 to 2015 is 9 years, meaning 9 years of  hard work and patience.  This why you cannot start blogging today and make money tomorrow, anyone telling you that you can make money blogging quickly is either one of the two, he either did not understand the whole concept of blogging or wanted to sell something to you, and if such person makes any money at all then he is scamming innocent bloggers like you.
 linda ikeji was a modeler, she started modeling since from her undergraduate days  but unsuccessfully quit it to writing about models, that’s her niche, entertainment (event, gossips, news, fashion, etc). You see to succeed in blogging you need to have a niche, by sticking to niche it makes you an expert in that field and any other information you are going to share will be valuable to your readers. I know by writing about one hundred unique post on either forex, stocks, soap making , dating etc  you must have gain a large  hip of knowledge, you most have probably conducted researches here and there before coming up with all your post. Remember they say “practice makes perfect”.  And when new readers find a blog with numerous post about a topic that they are interested, they come back again and again until they finish it. This means they will either bookmark it, subscribe to it or save it. This is how recurring traffics occur.
She update her blog every day , at least 10 to 20 post in 24 hours or more, this is a sign of dedication and focus,. To succeed as a blogger you need dedication , you have to  create blogging schedule for yourself, it could be 1 to 3 post per day or 7 post per week or  20 post per month. You need to have a blogging plan this is what will help you to hit your benchmark and to measure the level of your success. Blogging without planning will not help, remember they say  “by failing to plan you are planning to fail”
Linda ikeji blog is not much design or optimized for search engines but it generate millions of traffics, how? Through words of mouth. This means the blogs are meaningful and helpful to the readers; remember they say they best advertisement is the words of mouth. What people say about your blogs in the offline world is the best thing for your blog. This is why your blog must be unique, google also love unique content.
Linda ikeji started blogging since from 2006 but only started making money in 2012, more than five years after, what does this signifies, patience!  In Hausa language they say, mai hakuri shi yakan dafa dusti har yasha romonsa, meaning with patience nothing is impossible, you need patience to  succeed as a blogger.
You cannot start blogging today and money will flow tomorrow, it doesn’t work in this way, it need time couple with patience and hard work, if you really want to make money  in blogging , you need a role model and linda can be one of them and to be like linda you have to act like linda, how? You do what she do, what i mean here you follow the above tips i outlined above.



  1. Great article! The tips are valuable and patience cannot be overemphasized.


  2. Very Simple to read and valuable tips!! Thanks for sharing this article!!!! Buzz Applications


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