Ministerial portfolio proves that buhari is a national leader

Since form the commencement of appointment in the president Muhammad buhari government some view it as a one sided while other sees it as the needed change Nigerians has been yearning for.
 President Muhammad buhari has made several appointments into several agencies and department of the federal government, some people argue that most of the appointment are lopsided and only favor the north, are they correct?
 With the recent  assignment of ministerial portfolios , where the southern part of the country got the most juicy positions , southerners head most of the ministries such as  Ministry of Labor & Employment, Ministry of Solid Minerals, Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of  Petroleum, Ministry of Health, Minister of Agriculture, Ministry of Budget & National Planning, Ministry of Trade, Investment & Industry etc.
 Most juicy position went to the south contrary to the claim made by some people that


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