ministers without portofolios how? when are they going to start working?

Buhari ministerial nominees have being screened and confirmed , but now the argument is  when will he assign portofolios to them, when will they start working and how are ministers without portofolios going to work
 it almost took buhari six month to come up with his ministers then how long will it take him to get them on duty. See what some nigerians says
·         President muhammadu buhari's policy of ministers without portfolios is very nice idea and it will definitely help nigerian economy.
·         Will ministers without portfolios need official cars, drivers and security, or is it cheaper to pick them up in a big bus each week for fec?
·         When "all ministers will be assigned portfolios" becomes a credible news story, you know something is definitely wrong somewhere.
·         Nigerians should brace up for ministers without portfolios,#buhari insists fg may not be able to fund all existing ministries
·         Keeping up with buhari's govt.
·         5months to appoint ministers , 6wks to screen them, 1month to assign portfolios
·         Change is here!
·         What is stopping president buhari from allocating portfolios to the ministers already screened? It is apparent apc doesn't see any urgency
·         Buhari has his ministers now, give them portfolios draw up an action plan with an economic think tank team...
·         If it takes 6months for buhari to pick ministers, how much more long would he now use to assign portfolios to them?
·         Buhari pls assign portfolios to your screened nominees.
·         Or are we going to wait till october 2016 for them to start working. ,na wa oh, change
·         You might have to wait for another 4 months before buhari assigns portfolios to the nominees.
·         How long will it now take buhari to assign portfolios to confirmed ministers?  This govt is mediocre in all aspects.
·         This administration has no sense of urgency. What stops buhari from assigning portfolios to already screened nominees & getting on with it?
·         So what is keeping buhari from assigning portfolios to the nominees who have been confirmed by senate? #goslow
·         Need to see what happens to buhari's ministers portfolios
·         It was a blunder for buhari nt to have attached portfolios


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