Now Governor Or Minister? Senator Aisha Jummai Alhasan

Read what some nigerians are saying

Now that the tribunal sitting in jalingo has declared that mrs alhassan, a ministerial nominee  as the winner of the last gubernatorial election will she go for the ministerial post or stay with her people at taraba? The choice is her own  but let us hear what some nigeerians are saying.
·         Mama Taraba on her way to becoming 'Mama Nigeria'. Her Excellency Senator Governor Minister Jummai Alhassan
·         Between being a Minister and a governor. Mama Taraba.
·         Senator, Minister, Governor. See, Aisha Alhassan a.k.a mama taraba is not your mate
·         Hurray Mama Taraba.... The minister designate and the first female Governor in Nigeria. The Margate Thatcher of nja
·         Mama Taraba can double as a Governor and a Minister. Why not? After all there will be ministers without portfolio and she can be one.
·         So Mama Taraba slept as Minister of the Federal Republic and woke up today as Executive Governor...what a good life
·         So that is how our Mama Taraba, a minister designate, got back her stollen mandate as a governor? God is indeed very faithful."
·         Hmmm I am Seeing things in a Taraba Style, Mama Taraba will Prefer to be a Governor than being a Minister...Ehn Yes...Congrats Ma
·         Mama taraba reminded us that she was still hopeful that she will be governor when she was being screen as minister
·         Mama Taraba makes history as the first Nigerian ever to be governor-elect and minister-designate. Congrats to her.
·         Mama Taraba won't be a Minister again, at least for now. Congrats to her , our first female Governor


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