senator aisha jummai alhasan victory

mama taraba, the new governor elect

THE VICTORY OF mrs. Alhassan is an eye opener to women in Nigeria and also a challenge to them, some women believe that women cannot make it inpolitics but this victory of mrs. Al Hassan has prove them wrong. See what some  Nigerians are saying
·         Mama Taraba Becomes First Female Governor In Nigeria . This is a victory to democracy and all Nigeria women.
·         M ama Taraba's victory should be a challenge to Nigerian women
·         Without prejudice to the likely outcome of any appeals by Taraba PDP, Mama Taraba's victory @ the tribunal gives Nig women a chance at glory
·         Congratulations to all Nigerian women. This victory is for Change we've been yarning for. Congrats mama taraba!
·         Congrats to Mama Taraba on her victory.  First Female Governor. APC is winning. The women is getting empowerment
·         I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the hardworking women of this country. This victory belongs to you all.Mama Taraba
·         Mama Taraba's victory is a challenge to other women who sit down and complain; GO OUT THERE AND FIGHT FOR IT.
·         Finally mama Taraba won the elections with APC: 306,616 wile PDP: 306,154 ! It's a victory to all the women


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