What To Do After Seeing Nysc Senate List Batch B 2016

Senate premobilzation list
Going for a one year mandatory national youth service after the graduation from Nigerian university is a dream of every graduate, but there are steps taken by the youth service board as well as each and every institutions to ensure the all student are mobilized.
It is the responsibility of your university or polytechnics in case of HND graduates as a corpers producing institution to supply the names of prospective corps members to the board. It start from your department to submit the names of its graduate to the senate of your university and to the board responsible to uploading student data to the youth services body, I don’t know how they are called in your school. But in other school they are part of the student affairs division.
 For you as a student the first thing to do is to ensure that your name appeared in the senate approved list of your institution. Most universities will display the list in what is called premobilization list.
In the premobilization  your , matriculation number, surname, first name, jamb number ,date of birth and the date your result was approved by your school will be displayed.
When this list is out is expected that each and every prospective corp member should cross check to ensure that data contained in the list tallies with his original data, meaning the surname, jamb number, date of birth are all correct. you have to,  any mistake will not allow you to register during the online registrations.


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