As  of  November  2013  BP plc hold a share of  14 refineries worldwide, as of 2013 BP plc has a share in  petrochemicals manufacturing plants,, the company petrochemical plant  produce products.
BP consists of original BP shares as well and shares it when it merges with Amoco I N 1998 and ARCO IN 2000. BP shares are primarily traded on London stock exchange; BP shares are also listed on Frankfurt stock exchange in Germany and Newyork stock exchange in the US.  The merger with Amoco resulted to an increase of 40% of share value, the stock value later on dropped by 25% when the federal trade commission shows some opposition to the BP’s acquisition of Amoco, but later on the stock got appreciated by 57 cent when the Amoco acquisition was finally approved in 2000.
 Below the daily BP stock value for open, high, low and closing prices for BP shares on The Newyork stock exchange

BP plc
 BP plc is a British oil company, also known by its former name, British petroleum, it is on e of the world six major oil company, BP plc is located In London, England, it become popular in the world market by its outstanding performance in 2012 which made it the sixth major oil company in oil and gas in the world. BP plc is the company with world’s fifth largest revenue turnover. BP plc operate in all field of oil and gas from exploration and production, petrochemicals, distribution and marketing, refining, power generation and trading. BP plc is looking into the feasibility of biofuels and wind power. see why to invest in shares
 BP plc is operating in  more than 80countries in the  different part  of the world as of 2013 statistics and has produces more than 3.2  million  barrels per day  and  an oil reserve of approximately 17.6 billion  of oil equivalent, BP plc has around 17,800 service station worldwide. It has its largest division at BP America in the US. It owns 17.75% stake in Rosneft, the world largest publically traded oil and gas company.
BP plc has a primary listing on London stock exchange, it has a market capitalization of £85.2  billion  as of April 2013, and the fourth largest of every company listed on the stock exchange it has secondary listing on the  New York stock exchange  and the Frankfurt stock exchange.
 BP operates in 80 countries  worldwide and its global headquarter located at  St  James area of London,  UK, BP plc has 83,9000 employees as of November 2013, BP plc operate in both upstream and downstream.   the largest of Its operation concentration is in the united state with its almost 40% of its total  interest, with greatest employees and investment, it has about 20,000 people as 2014 operating in the united states, b plc major subsidiary in the united state  is the BP America, Inc , based IN Houston ,Texas united state. It is its center of operation in the united state.
 BP plc is the largest producer of deepwater oil in the gulf of Mexico, BP produce about 10% of its global oil and gas output from the region, over 189,000 barrels per day, out  of the seven drilling oil in the gulf , four are operated by BP plc. It also hold stake in field operated by other company including the Mars Ursa and the great white field. As of 2014 the BP operated about 70% of the Alaska North Slope production,
 In 2013 BP plc produced about 1,539 million cubic feet per day of gas, and it is the fifth largest gas producer with over 21, 000 wells.
 BP plc main stream activity includes exploring for new oil and natural gas resource, developing access to the oil resources, and producing, transporting and storing and processing the oil and gas, upstream is in charge of BP oil wells, pipelines, offshore platforms and processing facilities, this upstream operation take place 30 countries while the downstream is responsible for BP’s refining marketing, manufacturing, transporting etc.
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