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Gold is a very valuable precious metal accepted as safe havens for investment, gold is soft, malleable, ductile metal with brilliant yellow color, and its bright yellow color is maintained even in water or oil.
 The price of gold  is influence by demand and supply,  the higher the demand the higher the price and the lower the demand the lower the price,  gold price is also affected by demand speculation, saving  and  disposition affect the price of gold  more than its consumption, as gold is used to store monetary value since from the ancient  time. Most of the gold ever mined are still preserved and never consumed; gold were the currency in the roman and the subsequent empire, and its production did not stop. see on stock exchange
 This gold is ready to come to the market when the price is ok. The total amount of gold above ground as stated by warren buffet will just feet a cube of sides 20 66ft. Since there is large quantity of gold above ground, the gold price is likely to be affected by demand rather than supply,
 The best way to invest in gold is to buy bullion of gold bars, in some countries like Switzerland major banks; there are gold dealers who can alternatively do so.
Bars generally carry lower premium prices than bullion coins, but larger bars carry more risk of forgery due to low stringent parameters for appearance. While bullion coins can easily be measured and compared to determine its veracity whereas a gold bar cannot   be tested in such way.
 The greatest gold producer in history is south Africa as of 2006, followed by  united state, china, and Peru other counties with large  land masses has overtaken south  Africa . see BP stock prices


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