Choosing A Blog Name Using Adword Tool.

 A blog name is the name you wish to choose for your domain name or the title of your blog.
 It may also mean the name you choose for the topic of your blog. Getting a blogname is the first step   in blogging.
 The best one is the one that is catchy, easy to remember, easy to spell traffic rich and relate to your niche.
 There are things to consider before choosing your blogname in order to maximize your traffics and profits.
   The following must affect your blogs name.
·          The central point of the blog.
·         Your targeted audience

 To get a blogname follow the following steps am about to explain.   
a)      Get a niche, I mean an area you wish to write your blogs about it, I did not mean a topic,    a niche is like affiliate marketing,    stocks, forex etc. Why I called the above example as niche is because you can write so many articles under them, a niche like forex, you can write articles under it with topics like, forex quotes, currency exchange rate etc.  A niche like affiliate marketing you can write articles   under it with topics like affiliate network, affiliate marketing secret etc.
b)      After getting your niche, the next step is choosing a blog topic, to go to Google adword to choose    keywords under this niche. For example if you choose your niche like   forex, type the word forex  and wait to see the  related  keywords and estimated  average searches and competition,  look for the   key words that best describe your  intended  blog name and also check the  competition . If it is low competition and with high average traffics go for it. If competition is high go for another, don’t choose a high competitive blog name because you cannot compete with already established blog in the search engines. see how to generate traffics
c)       After getting your blogname,  go to   or try to search for it on to see if it is already taken,  if it is already taken  you can  customize it  by adding your brand to make it  unique and available for you to register . For example    a blog name like, you   change it to, or big-yellow – or etc.
 There are also other ways to get your blog name apart from the above method:
·         Use thesaurus to check for blogname or similar name that has same meaning.
·         Check your competitors’ website to see how they are performing to get your blogname and customize it.
·          Use word generators   like to   get other related words.
·          Use your own name as your blog name there are so many blogs using their names and are successful today. Using your own name make your blog to be personal and unique, it makes your readers to detect your blog easily. A unique blog name will make you like an author and not only a blogger.
·         Use a different language to get your blog name, an online tool like Google translate should help you out
 After following all the above steps and getting the right topic for the intended blog. The next thing to do is to register it, to register   the domain name you look the cheap and best  website hosting services.
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