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why keyword optimized domain name for your blog
 Today many seo expert will tell that you don’t need a an seo optimized blog or website domain names, they will emphasize that having a short domain name is better than a long domain name, though I am not supporting a long tail of word as blog url but let me tell this seo expert are getting it wrong in some angles. see how to choose best seo company
  Do you know how important is domain name for seo?Having a short untargeted blog url, that those not tell anything about the product or services you are offering will be a big challenge for you in your internet business, first of all you will have to tell each and every visitors what your website is all about, we called it branding, do you know how much of time and money it will take before your brand become popular in the market.
 Ask the founder why he chose to purchase at $500, 000, he said the money he will spend in branding an untargeted domain name will run in millions, so it is better he spend this amount to save him from spending more. In his words “believe is the best domain name any charity could own, and when you’re talking about billions of dollars worth of theft, a few million is just a drop in the bucket!  “ has the potential to raise billions of dollars and by spending $500,000 it saves countless millions that otherwise would have to be spent on branding.” Read the complete interview,  this are successful internet marketers  that know the how important is domain name for seo and what it takes to brand a unoptimized  domain names.
 Therefore, when choosing a blog domain name go for the keyword rich domain names, even if search engine optimization do not give it a dime,  you visitors will  and it will save you from spending  money for branding in the future.
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