DO You Know the features of good hotel

A budget hotel is any hotel that provides lodging at cheaper prices, they hotels that give accommodation and meals to its visitors at affordable and highly subsidized prices.  They are not luxury hotels, a simple bed setting with little amenities like a bed,   pressing iron etc, some may even give breakfast to their client.
     Both budget and luxury hotel hotels are patronized by people in order to sleep and have a meal. Hotels is said to be either budget or luxury based on the facilities, quality of services and amenities they provide. see how to get late rooms
  A budget hotel may be just a bed setting and meals whereas a luxury suite wills some additional feature like swimming pool, conference facilities, childcare, business centers etc
 A budget hotel may not have all other luxury but should eat have basic facilities for fulfilling the basic customer need like
·          Daily room services,
·         Air conditioning,
·          Telephone facilities,
·         Availability of soft drinks,
·          A broadband internet connection,
·          Health care facility and
·         Some may have mini bar.
·         Multi cuisine see what make a good hotel
 Therefore most them can attend your need and make your moment of stay enjoyable.
 Budget hotels are like home, most of our home are not luxurious as many modern hotels we have today, they make a traveler to feel at home unlike luxury hotel that let a traveler test pleasure for a moment and leave him with a fantasy. Budget hotel give value to money, they provide the necessary requirement at affordable and highly subsidized prices. It therefore let you keep the rest of the excess charges for future use. Sometime higher prices does not determine a quality of a services and  this is where many people got t wrong, many people come to think that the higher  the  prices the better the  services , it works somewhere but not with  hospitality services. Budget hotel can personalize their services where luxury suite with ultra modern facilities and   devastating   luxury cannot do so.
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