some features of good hotel

some features of a good deal hotel
 A cheap or good deal hotel is any hotel that can provide accommodation, meals, and other refreshment to its customers at a highly subsidized price.  A hotels  that can offer a luxury lodging to its client plus additional features like swimming pool,  conference centre, childcare , health facility, fun  and other social  services  at  a highly  subsidized price and with great customer satisfaction is what we term as  a good hotel deal.
 A good hotel deal does not only stop within the stem of   bedroom setting and meals but should also include   social services to make it   look like everyday life. Travelers as well as tourist need the above for better time spending. The following are some of the   feature that makes a hotel deal a good deal
·            A highly subsidized price: any hotel that provides   accommodation at a pleasing level, meals and refreshment plus other additional social service within the budget of its client is a good deal. The  first thing that determine if a hotel deal is a good one or not is it pricing,  a hotel that can provide all the  booking, accommodation, meals  plus other additional features like  clean and less crowded swimming pool, childcare, conference room  etc at an affordable price is a good deal.
·         Customer services:  it starts from the reception room, how customers are welcome, entertained and attended to be all what make a good hotel.   The availability of staff to attain to customer queries like faulty utensils, sudden breakdown of electronics, internet connectivity, wifi and other need will give credit to the quality of the hotel services.
·         Customer satisfaction:  is the measure of how the quality of the service meets or pass the customers’ expectation.  The bed room setting, the availability of abundant foods and drinks and how they meet the customers test are all what determine   a good hotel deal.
·          Additional services: apart from the quality of accommodation and meals, there are also other   swimming pool, conference centers, childcare, health emergency care, recreational and other sport facilities and any other things that will make you feel like home are part of factors that determine if a hotel is a good deal. see on benefit of budget hotels
·          Cleanliness: a clean hotel is a hotel that is kept away from dirty dinning walls to washrooms. A good hotel must a clean hotel as cleanliness is part of healthy living.
·           Extra assistance:  service like booking a flight is not part of a hotel but as it should provide remedies to customers in case they miss their flight or were unable to   book flight.  Something like a free day stay or subsidized   charges can be applied.
·         Honest information:  this of a great help to tourist, honest information on the best game reserve or Wild Park, best place to date girls etc, and a good hotel should be able to assist customers with this information.
·          Other things a good hotel deal should include are:  free WIFI at broadband speed, a powerful hair dryer, free toiletries, HD wall TVs, an electrical outlet for charging phones and laptops, free breakfast,  newspapers etc  read on how to get last minute deals
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