Challenges facing Nigerian bloggers

  Apart from the general challenges that a common blogger will face in the blogosphere, Nigerians have their usual challenges that they must face  in blogging,  issues like creating a profitable blog niche, choosing a blogging topic to build your articles around, choosing an ideal domain name , brands awareness, traffic generation ,  search engine optimization challenges among others,  Nigerian bloggers have a  peculiar challenges they must face , of which  each and every  new blogger  should know:
·         Lack of electricity: this may sound somehow, but believe me. This is a serious problem, lack of power to recharge your laptop is one of the problem that a typical Nigerian bloggers are facing, no one will tell you this until when you delve into world of blogging, any experienced blogger knows this, you will observe that blogging need your time as a starter, at least 8 hours a day , then tell me where will you see light to recharge your laptop and  blog like your counterpart in other part of the world.
·         Lack of reliable internet connectivity: in most advanced nation, this is not a problem at all, in fact there are even free internet access in some cases, but in Nigeria reverse is the  case,   more than 90% of Nigerian bloggers rely on internet service providers from telecommunication  network like mtn, glo, airtel etc.   Most of the internet services provided by this companies are slow, very exorbitant and most of the time not available and therefore are not reliable.see one year blogging plan that works
·          Lack of reliable online payment platform: the world most trusted online payment provider is now the paypal, a company that blacklisted Nigeria,  Nigerians are only allowed to spend but never allowed to receive money.   There are money company that integrated paypal as their only method of payment and therefore in other way sidelining Nigerians. The only reliable alternative is make payment through proxy in paypal “white-listed” countries or to use direct credit or debit card payment which is  risky.
This poses a serious challenges to most new Nigerian bloggers who may try to obtain their domain name or pay for any online services. also many successful Nigerian bloggers have one story or the other to tell, on how they get their hard earned  affiliate commissions trapped in paypal .
·          Social stigma; many Nigerian youths, even graduate do not know that common blogger can earn a living online, some believe that you can only make it when you indulge in fraud and  internet-scams aka yahoo-yahoo. Therefore the first impression you will receive the moment that people know that you are making money online is a negative one, this has a moral implication to the blogger and his personality and this is bad for a good business.see how to find blogging topics
 All these challenges listed above are only faced by Nigerian bloggers, as most international bloggers faces none of the above, therefore whenever any aspiring blogger or web developer want to  delve into  the world of the blogosphere  he/she should know that he will face challenges of electricity 
 , internet access   and may not even make a simple update not to talk of  integrating seo and it its likes


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