How Can i find a topic for my blog

How to find blogging topics

Finding a blogging topic has been challenging to new bloggers, even experienced bloggers sometime use to face this same challenges. A blog is like a journal or magazine, it needs to be updated from time to time to keep the readers coming back. But how do the blogger get what to write. Blogger are just like musicians and filmmaker; they have to choose the story line before producing a debut or a movie respectively.
  I am not talking about getting a blogging niche or area for blogging but I am referring to how to    build your article around your chosen niche.  I am going to reveal how I choose my blogging topics.
 The first  thing I do is to write on what I do as blogger, the new thing I learnt in blogging, you know as a blogger you have to be conducting researches  to increase your know.  Anything I learnt new and use it in my blogging, it could be any coding, a search engine optimization clue, blog traffics or monetization etc. I construct my article around all this things I learnt new.See why bloggers fail
 I as a blogger , I faces several challenge when I started blogging  and I made several mistakes , I know new blogger will also encounter same challenges, therefore I choose all this challenges as my blogging topics and  state solution to most of this problem and at the end of the day I have written huge articles.
 The second way I get my blogging topics is to use keyword tool, i search for keyword with large search volume that are related to blogging niche and construct an in-depth articles around it. I look for key words that are not already saturated.
 I don’t  rely on this keyword tools because sometime they only show  search volume for keywords that  are already saturated, what I mean by saturated is   that they are not suitable for newbie, some  top  blogs might have rank high with such keyword and therefore making it difficult to new blogs to find their way.some of the challenges facing naija bloggers ,  Turn your blog into business


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