How to friend girls on nairaland

How to friend girls on nairaland
  Making friends with girls on nairaland has being difficult for many guys like with other social sites therefore , I decided to add the following tips.
·         Type a recharge card pin here and mention them. Let's see if they won't thank you..... That's if their fingers are fast. see how some girls react when you toast them
·         Ask them for their account number and you will see a surprise
·         Send a mail starting with Hi...I like your pm and your... ( whatever part of her body)..., She will reply you, Thanks... ,Immediately, she checks on your dp, (you must have put up a nice dp, of course). Wait till the next day, wake her up with a calm Good Morning Mail. In the evening, How did your day go?  (Just be there and Not Be Too There) Bottom Line: If you truly, specifically like someone, It will cause you to be creative. You won't stalk and you won't be far!
·         Send her a pm,if she reply,gudluck...and she doesnt reply,just let go. , But make sure, you have a gud dp on ya profile.
 I am sure , if you put this together, it must surely work.


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