The Responses I Got When I Toasted Girls On Nairaland

The response I got when I toasted  some girls on nairaland,, below are some of the response I received from some naialand girls that I tied to woo,  some are  funny and disgusting, I am not going to disclose their identity for privacy sake .
·         If you never announce yourself, You nor go rest ,Some guy go come back. And ask , I don agree what next.
·         Children on nairaland since 500ad
·         You've already made a mistake. Dumbhead.
·         person wey send me pm de waste de time  i laff in chinese chi-wag ,the only pm i send na to the mods wey like to de ban me ,try and upload your pix make we access you
·         Girls don't like faceless moniker.yu need 2 have a cute dp,a good sense of humour,stalk their diaries,pm 'em and don't be too forward.
·         mind your self ooooooooooo!
·         Online relationships sucks because it doesn't last. Its pure waste of time and resources.
·         am fixed.
·         work on your grammar first, before you start thinking of toasting Nairaland girls
·         You don dey find my trouble now abi? I go give you small wahala oh, that's if you no want mek this Xmas be you like Good Friday.You wan kneel down again abi?
·         U don start again abi?
·         Hahaha you aint serious
·         ehmmm,I don't get yu
·         lol!Nne,let her occupy it
·         no,application over
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