who is a big boy

who is a big boy of a big boy
 Who is a big boy, this question may seem somehow to many ,  or some may say it in the eye of the beholder, but below are some of the response I receive  when this question was poured on a social media. Some are funny, some are real while the rest is description of other people’s characters.
1.       Mine is a guy that girls request for his contact but he always say no! A guy that girls are eager to see him talking to them but he don’t.
2.       Big boy. Doesn't toast girl two times. Once ask and she refuse that end it all.
3.       Big boy na person wey gather bar naw
4.       Its all about benjamin......... Bro
5.       To me big boy is not always aboutt cash (although,cash dey pat of am ooo)...a big boy knws wat s ryt...is mature,...dresses nice n sweet (not in dos big jeans n face caps ooo) ....n will always get attentn wereva he goes....
6.       A big boy is a fat guy that calls himself a big boy only to make himself feel better
7.       Big boy is a Tall handsome guy in his 30's that has achieved a lot. He got fleet of cars, lives in a mansion and can afford his private jet to any country of his choice... Plus he is still single yet humble
8.       its all about composure
9.       A big Boy is one with (at least) a b.sc, has job, lives in his own house, responsible and not necessarily married, with plenty of cash!!! But most Naija youths believe, swag make them big boys!!
10.   Characteristic of a Big boy;. His dressing(quality package).Money. Confidence, Nice ride and apartment, Worthy profession/business.
A big boy don't give a damn, he rarely woo ladies except the one he really wants to keep.
But sometimes, being tall, dark and handsome with nice package(couple with little cash),automatically earned you the title. girls toasting tips
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                you are free to add yours.


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