Bukola Saraki and the apc, APC Crises

Why the trouble in the   ruling all progressive congress, will apc be better than the people’s Democratic Party. In 1999 when Nigerian came under democracy the ruling party then pdp, was very much united and the party body as the final say unlike what we are now seeing in the all progress congress. The whole senate president is I mess with his party chieftain and the presidency continue to play I don’t care attitude. 
 We all know what tore the people democratic party, it was internal crises, in fact most Nigerians know that pdp was the problem of pdp and pdp destroy itself,. If without the contribution of key pdp figures like Rotimi Ameachi, former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Rabilu Musa Kwankwaso, the then new pdp senators and members of the lower chamber, the contribution of the g7 governors as well as its pioneers and sponsors like chief Obasanjo I don’t think we can witness the change that we witness today, what I am trying to put across here is that internal friction and selfishness is what destroy pdp.
  I don’t know why apc can’t learn from the mistake of others, did they want to consume same poison they use to kill their enemy?   The issue that a faction of senate president is in conflict with the presidency or the party chieftains is a very dangerous injury that can incapacitate the mechanism of the party.
 if this crises continues , I think the claim that apc is an agglomeration of over ambitious power mongers  is obvious,  I don’t think they have the issue of Nigerians at heart,    they are just after what they can get from the government.
  If truly apc is a party with good manifesto, I don’t think they have to border on who governs or not as far as the aim of the party can be achieved. see wwhy election should be free and fair
 Otherwise there is hypocrisy in the party, apc wanted to dump some people after using them to win the election. If they claim that saraki and his wings are so much corrupted and should not hold key position in the polity, then this ridiculous, why?  Saraki cannot be corrupt after they have won the election, why not cal him and his like as corrupt before, why now?
 I will see it as a right step if ala pc as a party will see every member as equal, sacrifice their individual interest and deliver the change they sang to Nigerians
see jobs to go as apc come in


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