Jobs To Be Lost As Buhari Come In

Though, President Muhammad buhari promise to create millions of jobs during his campaign and also reaffirm to tackle unemployment during his inauguration speech, we are not here to undermine the effort of Mr., president but we are here   to unveil the consequence the change Mr. President will bring to Nigerians. Right now thousand of bankers are going to lose their job because of the ongoing TSA, treasury single account policy.
 First of all, most businesses and other entrepreneurship skills in Nigeria are established or built to address the need o a common man in the community. Government in the past failed to provide some basic social amenities and therefore the Nigerian entrepreneurs and investors saw this as an opportunity and invest heavily into this field.   I am talking about infrastructures like schools, hospitals, electricity, transport facilities etc. see the PDPs in APC
  There are several private schools, in this country, most of it are built because government in the past failed to give attention to the public schools, so some wealthy Nigerians so this as an opportunity and therefore went to establish this schools, what do you think will happen to this schools if the public schools are been equipped with facilities, trained staff employed and discipline is restored.  Learning will improve and students in public schools will get same education as their counterpart in the private schools, what next? Parent will remove their kids from those expensive schools and all this private school must close and this means no business for the proprietors of this schools.
 Second in the list is private hospitals and clinics, hospitals too are established with same reasons as the   private schools, government in the past fail to equipped the public hospital with enough personnel and facilities, therefore investors sees this as an opportunity and went forward to established their private clinics, everybody knows how expensive those hospitals are but people have no option than to save their lives. So what do you think will happen if all this public health centers are equipped with enough facilities and personnel? Patients will shun those private clinics and therefore they must close business.
Also drug stores owners  will start to lock down their shop as the changes continue, public hospitals and clinic will soon be stocked with drugs, patient will be given the drugs right  from the hospital for free or highly subsidized price  and so you know the rest. is buhari working?
Fuel filling stations or simply oil dealers, this business is not known before, especially during the 1980s, in those days when buhari built refineries and oil deport in almost all the state of the federation, if you could remember what happen to this our fuel dealers when GEJ established those mega station, most of them are almost out of business till when the program fail.  This fuel stations must close business by the time this refineries and oil deport switch on to work. Same thing will go to oil importers they must go out of business, as of what I am hearing some of their import license was ceased. will buhari bend anti-same -sex law
Generator suppliers and repairers, I don’t need to say much about this one, as some of them have already started feeling the impact of the improved power supply in Nigeria. Some are switching to another thing while others have already closed shops.

 I did not write this to create fear into the minds of these entrepreneurs but alert them so that they will plan against the above.


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