Get rich quick schemes are scams
 What are scams? Is a program that promise to make you rich in the short possible time, they are mostly advertised as get rich quick programs.  Will they make you rich in reality, the best answer should be no, this is why they are called scams.see how to make money
 Most people advertising scam product are doing it for one of the following reason,
 Either to take away money directly from you, through fictitious advertisement, they will keep on telling you to subscribe for some service to enable you promote their product successfully, and in the long run they will sell their product to you.  Thereby taken money from you indirectly from you. For example   they will tell you to buy or spend money, the more you spend the more you will be paid.
 The scammers may ask you to build your downline line, to build a downline means to get others  join you in the business, to bring other people to  subscribe or join you in the business .they will then use your information  like email id and phone number to  send unsolicited email to you. They will use your email and that of your subscribers to build their email list or sell it to others and make their money.
stop dropping your email on social media


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