Spam Alert “Dropping Your Email On Forums/Social Media Site” Is Careful.

I went through several online forums; I stumble upon several topics most of the time about internet business, an eBook, or a free guide.
 Most of the time , member of the  forum who create the topics , will say that due to  the sensitivity of the internet and how people are stealing ideas and selling it offline, they cannot post the complete guide or the free eBooks on the forum , so members who are interest  should drop their email .
 What I want people to know here is that, if (the writer) the person requesting for your email is a scammer, he may not immediately spam you with the unsolicited messages.  He will give you what he promises you in the forum and what will follow will be one of the following. see how to make real money online
 He may decide to send you a fraudulent message, soliciting you to submit your sensitive informative or to click on some link that will take you to fake website and in the process; steal your login information. This internet fraudster may use this information he obtain from you to   unlock your banking information and transfer your money or compromise your twitter, facebook or amazon account etc. I don’t whether you have heard of something like this.
 Secondly , this people asking for your email may  sell it out to other email marketers, or include it in  their email list and you keep on seeing promotional information everyday in your inbox without knowing that you are the one who unknowingly invite them.
If you are lucky the member who request for your email is not a fraudster you are not still save, other fraudster may click on that same topic or post and fetch your email addresses.  They may sell it or use it to spam you with unnecessary promotional messages.
 What I will advice you here is, don’t just give out your email addresses unnecessary to people you do not trust or if you must post your email on a forums or social media site, don’t leave it there for more than two week, when you observe that the author did not send you the message within that two week delete your email and forget about it, he is a scammer and has gotten what he want from you, that’s all. take note of these new internet fraud


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