Google or other search engines

Google or other search engines
 though Google is the king in the search engine traffics, but most of the time many website and blogs fail to get to top of Google searches because of too much competition, some of the many website and blogs are penalize due to violation of one Google rule or the other, but hope is still not lost for this site owners.
 I will start by quoting one popular quotes that says “ a one man eyed is a king in the blind kingdom”  there are numerous search engines and article directories , search engines like,, ,,, bing.con, etc.   These are website with less competition, less stringent rule and policies and deliver exact result like Google.
 did you   remember Google search partners?, if you are an adword customer you must have come across something like that, this are other search engine like the ones listed above, hey work hand in hand with Google to deliver search traffics to merchant website, if Google adword can incorporate this search engines why won’t you do it for your website or blog.
 I didn’t dispute the fact almost eighty percent of internet traffics come from Google but let me tell you 90% of  website and blog are also concentrate on this Google, therefore  do you chose to compete with this website and blogs or chose to get this 20% of the traffics, which one is better?
 Did you know that 60% of Google traffics are on the first three pages, if you cannot get to the first page you are likely to miss more than 80% of this traffics from Google.  is it  not better to rank high on other search engines than to be left at the bottom of Google with no traffics, remember it is better to be the king with your one eyed website in the other search engine  than to be a mere servant on Google. see how to create website on blogger
 there are too much of competition on Google, there are website that have being on Google for more than  ten years , particular in the niche you wanted to promote , with better visitors activity and trust by Google then how are you going to beat these ones, knowingfuly that Google love old website than new ones.


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