How To Generate Website Traffics Using Twitter.

How to generate website traffics using twitter.
Twitter is a micro-blogging social website. There are tons of ways to generate endless website traffics to your website using twitter tools like tweeting, retweeting, followers, following, hashtags, mentions and more. Tweeting is powerful means of advertising your website, blog, affiliate links, products, business and more. The 140 characters enable you to use the best keyword to describe your website, blog or products and ur potential visitors will get your point in time. Retweeting is another powerful means or i can say the most powerful means to advertise your products. Retweeting allow twitter users to share post (tweets) made by others on their timeline. Retweeting allow you to share your post to millions of tweeter users in short time. For example if more than 20 twitter account with 50,000 follower retweet your post every day. Followers; are users who will see your post anytime you post. Twitter allow you to build many followers as much as you can. Following is also another means of getting traffics to your website because most of those you follow will followback and you get more visitors. Hashtag, when you push hashtag in post and anyone who search will find your post. MENTIONS, when you mention someone in your post , the person and anyone who search that name will find ur post see choosing blog name using adword keyword planner


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