How to Invest As a Student in the University

Why invest as a student? the job market is already saturated, there are already tens of thousands if not millions of graduates hunting the few available jobs and ready to take any vacancy that may emerge in the future, the days of finish school present your certificate and get employment has gone, if you are not well connected or a job is already awaiting for you,, definitely you have to spend some time at home before you pick your dream job.  see how to make money blogging.
 It is only he who wants to waste some time at home that will not invest while still in the school, when your pocket money is still flowing, your tuition, accommodation and all stuff are al taken care of, by parents and relations, it is the right time to invest, but where do you get the money to invest? All this money you spend on these girls, the money you spent on the latest car, phone, shoes and designer are what you should invest.
  How do you invest?  if this is your problem, you don’t have anything to worry about, you have passed the hardest part, Do you know that that everyday people are buying and selling domain names and website, did you know the history of domain sale record, this a business that people like me and you are turning millions every day, read this week domain sale news.
Why did I choose domaining for you?  It has huge profit potential, huge return on investment and cheap capital requirement. Most liquid domains are traded in hundreds to thousands of dollars, some are traded in millions of dollars, read million dollar sale record, there are no investment with this high earning potential apart from this registration fee, most domain names are registered below $10, i.e. N2000    and are sold in so  or thousands of dollars, this is over 1000% profit. And lastly most domain registrars offer it at very cheap price. read details on domain name business
 other reasons why you should invest in domain name business is that, it does not affect your studies,  it is does need an office or store , no any physical engagement that will affect your  studies etc and also it is  a time  rewarding business , must domain names that sold every day are register for at least 2 to 3 years. So if you buy some liquid domain name in your 100level, before you graduate from university, you already have a huge investment.


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